Wednesday, 19 February 2014

What Makes a Good Digital Media Writer?

We received requests from our readers write a post on ‘what makes a good digital media writer’. Since had lessons for the past 15 weeks on how to be a better digital media writer, we hope that we could pass on this knowledge.


It is important that the writer is clear with their objectives. Who is your target audience? What purpose does your blog serve? What kind of personality do you want your blog to wear? Some might wonder why is it essential for us to consider these questions. Why do we need to have a clear objective?

Here’s why clear objectives are important:

  • Ensures your post is on track
  • Ensures that the post has an appropriate angle to focus on
  • Ensures that our post relates back to our target audience


After coming up with the objectives, the second point to be a good digital writer is how you format your blog post. One cannot just type a whole chunk of words, one should also consider how their target audience would read their blog post.

Hence, here are some points to consider:

  • Post should be 300-500 words (Keep your sentences short by using bulleted points)
  • Have a constant writing styles (e.g. Standardized fonts)
  • Headlines needs to precise (Less than 7 words)
  • Have Subheads

  • Make use of hyperlinks

Social Networks & Multimedia

With two items in place, it is now time to attract/bring your audience to your blog. The best way to do so is to use social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Choose a multimedia that suits your target audience and  use it to draw their attention.

Here are some points to consider:

  • Place social media badges/ widgets at the side of your blog.

  • Add visuals such as pictures, videos and slideshows into your blog to make it more visually pleasing
  • Make sure they (pictures, videos and etc.) are of high quality
  • Have caption for your pictures
  • Use your social media to publicise blog
  • The purpose of social media is interactivity,so interact with your audience. Make use of various multimedia tools available.


Now that you have attracted your audience to your blog, it is time to gain credibility. Credibility actually helps to establish yourself as an ‘expert’ and this would help retain the audience you attracted. Though it may take time and effort, it will build a sense of trust in your readers. Also, if you want to be a source of authority and have a position in the community, credibility is the key.

Here are some points to consider:

  • Attribute sources

  • Hyperlink to external sources
  • Include a byline in posts


With credibility in check and your blog is set to take of, it is time to make friends with other bloggers! How does partnership contribute to becoming a good writer you may ask.

Partnership helps to build better content. Working with them allows you to see different ways to write your post. Also, having a partnership means that you will have more platforms to attract your target audience from.

Here are some points to consider:

  • How relevant is your blog to your partnering blog?
  • How are you related to them?
  • Consider your target audience before selecting a partner
  • Is your blog compatible to the other?

Remembering these tips and suggestions helps blog post writing clearer and precise. We hope that they are useful in helping you to start out.

Wednesday, 12 February 2014


Biggest Mission Accomplished - Project Zero To Hero

Project Zero To Hero is a blog with big heart, putting smiles on others’ face week after week through our missions.

12 February 2014 - Singapore For more than 13 weeks, Project Zero To Hero have been competing with 18 other teams in the 2014 RP Blogger Challenge.This challenge aims to promote excellence in digital writing and recognise the hard work of students under M312 Writing for Digital Media.

The blogs are judged on criteria consisting of
  • original content
  • creativity
  • visual appeal
  • engagement with the audience.

About Project Zero To Hero

With interesting content that revolves around doing missions to bring a smile on other’s faces, Project Zero To Hero approaches this challenge in a different method. We have done a total of 7 missions to achieve our objective.

With the RP Blogger Challenge coming to an end, the team is sprinting through its last week  and wrapping up the blog slowly. The award ceremony for the RP Blogger Challenge will be held on the 19th of  February 2014. Do come down to support Project Zero to Hero in this event. Also, visit our blog and facebook for more details about our blog.


“It was fun and great to get to know the RP students and to bring some smiles to the elderly living at Redhill together. Their enthusiasm lightens up the atmosphere and all of us had a good time giving the elderly red packets, two oranges, wishing them “Happy Chinese New Year” and also having dinner together.
Their blog is nicely done up and the videos of their missions were very fresh  and interesting.” - Bella Lee, youth volunteer from FCBC

The enthusiasm of the  students has added much joy to our collaboration! Despite their busy schedule, they have shown commitment and sincerity and have indeed contributed to the success of this community outreach! - Tan Enn Mee, Event Organiser


Contact us

Lee Jia MIn